Jahns Regulatoren was registered in the Offenbach register of companies in 1905 as a factory specialising in the manufacture of different kinds of engine controls. From 1970 the company began production of slow running radial piston hydromotors. 1986 saw the company enter the market for hydraulics and drive-systems. In 1992, takeover of the production and sales of ‘ATE’ vane motors. May 2000: purchase of the range of rotary pumps, immersion pumps and agitators from ABG in Karlsruhe.
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MTO gear fl ow-divider (aluminium housing): Two to twelve section divider, available in two sizes with a part oil fl ow-rate from a minimum of 2 l/min to a maximum of 62 l/min. Working pressure 210 to 250 bar. Within each specifi c size, devices with varying absorption-volumes differ only in terms of the width of the housing. The chamber inlets are interconnected internally. Every second chamber has an inlet junction to enable connection according to fl ow-rate and dynamic pressure. Version ‘A’ has a combined pressure-limit and prefi ll valve incorporated directly in the housing. Specially designed version available as replacement for MTZ-..48-EA7 and MTZ-..M11-EA7.




MTL radial piston fl ow-divider: Two to twelve section divider, available in 3 sizes with a part oil-fl ow rate between a minimum of 28 l/min and a maximum of 250 l/min. Working pressure 240 bar. Steel output block for end-position damping, with a pressure-limit valve for secondary protection, a prefi ll valve and test port for each section. Can be supplied with contact-free revolution counter.














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